Did you know that. . .

Earthquake insurance is not included in most policies?

However a simple, low cost rider can enhance your coverage and provide peace of mind.

Most policies don't provide coverage for floods and related catastrophes.

This coverage is available through the Federal Government. We have a complete set of flood maps for the Region.

Most people and businesses can purchase an "umbrella" policy to supplement their existing liability insurance.

A $1 million umbrella liability policy can be yours at a very low cost.

New Home credits are available on houses built since 1945.

Also, many companies offer new home credits for older homes whose plumbing, heating and electrical systems have been modernized.

You can save as much as 10% off your premium if you live in a smoke-free environment.

Filing a claim will not always cause your premium to increase.

Many people suspect that once they file a claim, their premium will go up. We will be happy to explain in advance how a claim will affect the cost of your insurance.


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